The function and purpose of the Rural Electric Management Development Council (REMDC), since its inception in 1958, has been to explore ways to improve the effectiveness of management at rural electric systems. Each of the rural electric systems that are members of the REMDC acquired that membership by being able to demonstrate they were not only practicing modern management, but they were willing to share their successes and failures with others, and contribute to research in finding ways to improve the practice of management at rural electric systems. Questions about REMDC or this website? Please contact Administrator Jimmy Autry at 478-837-6031 or jimmyautry@msn.com


As it has done many times over its history, the REMDC group has published its next white paper, entitled "Opportunities for Cooperatives to Lead Transformational Change Through Energy Innovation (November 2019)."  Electric cooperative leaders have seen the writing on the wall, but the verse keeps changing. Finding solutions to challenges confronting the electric industry has been a primary objective for REMDC members, and considerable change occurring within the electric industry and throughout the national marketplace has prompted development of new strategic planning, as well as consideration for restructuring conventional service delivery methods that are more responsive to diverging consumer expectations and service needs. We welcome your engagement with this valuable study.