2021 Officers

List of All Past Chairs of REMDC


Tom Stackhouse, Central Alabama (AL) (2021 Chair)

Steve Rhodes, CHELCO (FL) (2022 Chair) Vice Chair

Julie O’Dell, Blue Ridge EMC (NC) (2023 Chair) 2nd Vice Chair

Michael Aulgur, Shenandoah Valley EC (VA) Treasurer

Julie Young and Nagea Littleton, Central Alabama EC (AL) Secretary/Host


2021 Program Committee:

Mark Nielsen, Delaware EC (DE) 2021, Chair

Mark Stallons, Valley (NV) 2023

Marty Haught, United Cooperative Services (TX) 2022

Ty Diamond, Flint Energies (GA) 2022

Elaine Johns, Enervision (GA) 2023

Nell McCauley, SEDC (GA) 2021

Julie O’Dell, Blue Ridge EMC (NC) 2023

Michael Aulgur, Shenandoah Valley EC (VA) 2021

Susan Imm, NISC (MO) 2022

Anne Harvey, Touchstone Energy (VA) 2022

Tom Stackhouse, (AL) Chair


2021 Membership Committee:

Ray Grinberg, Tri-County EMC (GA) 2021 Chair

Randy Crenshaw, Irwin EMC (GA) 2022

Don Crabbe, First Electric (AK) 2023

Les Moreland, Wiregrass EC (AL) 2021


2021 Management Research Committee:

Julie O’Dell, Blue Ridge EMC (NC) 2023

Mark Nielson, Delaware EC (DE) 2021

Jim Coleman, Jackson Electric (TX) Chair 2022

Greg Mullis, Tri-County EMC (GA) 2022


2021 Nominating Committee:

Dennis Gilmore, MidSouth Synergy (TX) 2021 Chair

Greg Cook, BARC EC (VA) 2023

Cameron Smallwood, United Cooperative Services (TX) 2022